BrisDigital are a Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing Agency based in Brisbane. They came to the Gold Coast to visit the Knight Media web team looking for a modern and stylish website design to showcase their new business online. After the initial decision to host a large, full-screen image as the focal point of the homepage; we set out to determine a suitable picture that really stood out. After much deliberation and debate, the high-resolution image of Brisbane CBD taken at night was selected. The image was captured from a helicopter hovering above the city, with a fish-eye lens. The curvature of the earth on the horizon signifies the global scope and integration of digital media and marketing throughout the world, and the grid of lights along the highways and throughout the suburbs represent the online web of connectivity that defines us as a species in this the 21st century.

The team at BrisDigital were overjoyed at the final design of their new website. The site is visually appealing and easy to navigate, two things that are highly important in today’s online space. Aside from the feature image the rest of the website has been kept simple to emphasize the focal photo and also maintain functionality and ease-of-use. Having a strong knowledge of the digital marketing arena, the BrisDigital team know it’s important to portray the services of a business in a non-complex and easy to understand way, that can be quickly taken in by the end user. The revolving options on the slider give the peruser an opportunity to click through to a particular area of interest to them. They can also easily find the list of services in the drop down menu on the navigation bar at the top of the screen or scroll down just beyond the fold of the page to read about BrisDigital’s latest news and blog post updates.

Finally, a floating bar containing a contact phone number and social media buttons was inserted on the site. This makes it easy for website visitors to connect up with any of BrisDigital’s social accounts which are so important for SEO, and Digital Marketing in general these days. Having the phone number at the top of any given page mean that if anyone wants to get in touch with the team, their number is always showing on screen to make it easy for them to do so. Ultimately, making the navigation of a website as pleasant and easy as possible is key to maintaining low bounce rates, high average visit duration and high conversion rates. This is something we keep in mind for all of our web design projects.

Task performed

  • Website Design in Photoshop
  • Custom template development in WordPress